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Call jQuery from ASP.NET server side

In this post, I will explain you that how can you call jQuery from server side in ASP.Net. Lets place a button on the page and on click of button, server side click event of button will get executed. <asp:Button ID="btnCall" runat="server" Text="Call jQuery From Server" OnClick="btnCall_Click" /> Server side click event of button. protected […]
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jQuery Datepicker does not work after Ajax Partial Postback

I had already posted number of post related to jQuery UI Datepicker. 1. Implement jQueryUI DatePicker with ASP.NET 2. Show Hand/Pointer cursor on image button with jQueryUI datepicker control 3. Disable Weekends in jQuery UI DatePicker 4. Enable weekends in jQuery UI Datepicker 5. Disable specific days in jQuery Datepicker "jQuery UI Datepicker does not […]
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jQuery does not work properly after ajax partial postback

Don't get shocked by the title of the post. This is true. Recently I have faced this issue. Let us walkthrough of what we are talking about. We all are familiar with below code. A script manager, update panel and content template. As you see I have placed 2 buttons. One gets binded on document.ready() […]
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