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How to change orientation of jQuery UI Slider

For your information, jQuery UI Slider by default renders in horizontal orientation. But yesterday one of my reader asked me that his requirement is to show slider in vertical orientation, not in horizontal orientation. So, I had provided him the solution and thought of sharing with all my readers as well. jQuery UI Slider has […]
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jQuery UI Slider

The jQuery UI Slider plugin is another cool and effective plugin from jQuery UI library. It makes selected elements into sliders. It also comes with various options such as multiple handles, and ranges. The handle can be moved with the mouse or the arrow keys. I had posted many articles on jQuery UI Slider, which […]
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One more jQuery Slider Plugin-noUISlider

noUiSlider is a little jQuery plugin that makes really cool (double) range sliders. Every slider can have two handles to select a range, a fixed minimum or maximum can be set to select a limit, or two handles can be used, to simply pick some points. Every event in the noUiSlider has an optional callback, […]
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