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Wow!!! We have jQuery Mobile now

Wow!!!! Very soon we will be having jQuery mobile framework which will work with all the major mobile browsers. jQuery team has officially announced it. As per the jQuery team jQuery mobile is "Delivering top-of-the-line JavaScript and a unified User Interface across the most-used smartphone web browsers." Till now no other framework has targeted so […]
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How to start with jQuery mobile

In month of Oct-10, I had posted about "Wow!!! We have jQuery Mobile now" and after that about First release of jQuery mobile. Till now, 1.0 alpha 2 is released. So now days I am trying my hands on jQuery mobile. In this post, I will show you how to get started with jQuery mobile. To […]
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jQTouch vs jQuery Mobile

Today, mobile is a very common object and that's why Mobile frameworks are in very much demand. In this post, I will show you brief walk through of 2 most popular jQuery based mobile framework "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile". And I will also explain the differences between "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile". What is jQTouch? First […]
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jQTouch Vs Sencha Touch vs jQuery Mobile

In my previous post, I have put together the difference between jQTouch and jQuery Mobile. But there is another Mobile Framework named "Sencha Touch" which is developed by the same person who has created jQTouch. Before you move further to know more about Sencha Touch, please read jQTouch vs jQuery Mobile. What is Sencha Touch? […]
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Detect Mobile Browsers using jQuery

Yesterday, one of my reader asked me that how to redirect user to mobile site if the website is viewed from mobile. In short, How to detect the mobile browser. Well, previously I had posted about "Detect Android Devices/Phone using jQuery" and "Detect Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) using jQuery" but that is not going […]
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jQuery Mobile | 10 Easy Steps to Getting Started!

Now days smartphones and tablets are becoming popular and can be found all over the place today, the need for mobile version of the website is rises greatly. There are many mobile framework available in market but one of the most popular framework is jQuery Mobile framework. jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework for […]
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