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jQuery – bind() vs live() vs delegate() methods

I had already posted about jQuery bind(), jQuery live() and  jQuery delegate() functions. All the three jQuery functions are used to attach events to selectors or elements. But just think why there are 3 different functions for same purpose? There can't be. right? So in this post, I will explain you how these functions are […]
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addClass, removeClass, hasClass and toggleClass in jQuery

In this post, I will explain about some of the basic but useful jQuery css selectors. These CSS selectors are used to add or remove CSS class, to check whether element has specific css class associated with it or not. Believe me these are basic, but pretty useful. Add cssClass to specific element $('#element').addClass('myclass'); Remove […]
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Run JavaScript only after page is completely loaded

Before we got into the actual problem it is important to know and understand the fundamental difference between DOM loading and Page Loading. When we say DOM loading that means all the DOM elements are completely loaded but it is quite possible that some of the elements like images are not loaded completely. When we […]
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Avoid jQuery.Post(), use jQuery.ajax()

Well, as you are aware that there are many ways to make an ajax call. If you don't know then do read "How to Make jQuery AJAX calls". Okay, hope you have gone through the article. So 2 very common ways are jQuery.Post() and jQuery.get().jQuery post() is for to make a post request and jQuery […]
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What is jQuery?

Today I got a question from one of my colleague who is a fresher and doesn't know what is jQuery. So he came to me and asked me what is jQuery and why should we use jQuery? So I have explain it to him and thought of writing a post as well about what is […]
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jQuery is() method explained

jQuery ".is()" is a filtering method which can be used to check the current element or set of element against a selector, elements, a jquery object or a function. It return true if there is at least one match from the given argument. Let me put this in simple term with an example. Suppose you […]
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