Load CSS files using jQuery

Today I got into a situation where I need to load CSS file dynamically using jQuery. My code was working in all the browsers except IE. But after spending couple of minute I was able to make proper cross browser solution. Here is a piece of code that will load CSS using jQuery. $(document).ready(function(){ $("head").append("<link>"); […]
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CSS Class, Attribute, Property and jQuery

In this short post, I will show you how to add/remove attributes or properties to DOM elements and how to add/remove CSS classes from DOM elements using jQuery. Also, how attribute and properties are different in jQuery. Before jQuery 1.6 there was no concept of property. Everything was treated as attributes. But now you must […]
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Fix for setting CSS background image using jQuery

Yesterday I got into a very silly problem. I need to change background image of the div element using jQuery. And to change the background image, I was using jQuery CSS method which takes key as CSS attribute and value as value of that attribute. So, to change the background image I was using below […]
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Make your input controls look stylish using jQuery

STYLE matters whether it comes to clothes, house or web pages because it attract others. So in this post, I will show you how to make your input control looks stylish using jQuery. There is a jQuery plugin called "jqTransform" which makes input control look stylish. This plugin allows you to create custom form elements. […]
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How to change image opacity on mouseover using jQuery

Images are undoubtedly the most attractive element of the page. And images with some cool effects make them more powerful and attractive. One of the effect on the image, is to make it transparent and play with transparency with mouse gestures. So in this post, I will show you how to change image opacity on […]
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addClass, removeClass, hasClass and toggleClass in jQuery

In this post, I will explain about some of the basic but useful jQuery css selectors. These CSS selectors are used to add or remove CSS class, to check whether element has specific css class associated with it or not. Believe me these are basic, but pretty useful. Add cssClass to specific element $('#element').addClass('myclass'); Remove […]
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