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Create Smooth Animation Using jQuery’s “stop()”

Making Quick Work jQuery's animate() method is a quick way to create custom animation on an element. To do that, we provide a set of CSS style properties and values that those properties will reach at the end of the animation. You can also set up a sequence of animations which executes one after the […]
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Move Background Image on Mouse-Over Using jQuery

Adding interactive animations can give a fresh look to any website! Many websites use a background image to cover the complete visible screen. Today we'll see how to add an interesting effect on the background image: to move the background image with the mouse cursor movement using CSS and jQuery. HTML Markup Let’s start off […]
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JavaScript-Equivalent jQuery Code for Simple Tasks

Introduction There are developers who love jQuery and there are some who hate jQuery. The benefits of using jQuery now are debatable, but there was a time when solving the cross-browser issue was a nightmare and using JavaScript was painful. If you had been through that phase, you might understand the importance of jQuery. jQuery […]
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Rotate Text Links using jQuery

Rotate Text Links using jQuery Text link ads are a very popular way of monetizing any website. Text link ads are simple links which, upon clicking, will take you to the sponsor’s website. One of the nice feature of text link ads is rotation of the links with smooth animation. In this post, we’ll look […]
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Check all checkboxes in HTML table using jQuery

HTML tables are a very handy and useful element. They can adapt to any style or design using CSS and can also hold different input type controls like an input box, checkbox and radio button. This post focuses on having a checkbox in every row of the HTML table, allowing users to select/unselect table rows. […]
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