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Using Yeoman for jQuery

Yeoman is a web scaffolding tool for creating modern web app. Which means it provides project structure to start with, loads all the dependencies and prescribe best practices.  It’s quite useful for everyone as it saves time. So in this post, learn how to use Yeoman for creating jQuery plugin. To use Yeoman, you need […]
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10 jQuery Plugins for Social Sharing Buttons

Social presence for any website is must. And you need to give your users a way to share the content on various social platforms. In this post, find a list of jQuery plugins to add social share buttons in your websites. These social share buttons supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linked-In. These plugins are […]
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Build a Smooth Slide-Out Navigation Menu with jQuery

A smoothly-animated vertical navigation menu is a refreshing alternative to the standard horizontal navs, and can be created fairly easily with CSS and some simple jQuery. Here's how it's done: You'll need to start out with your basic <ul> navigation structure. [html] <ul id="navigation"> <li class="home"><a href="#">home</a></li> <li class="about"><a href="#">about</a></li> <li class="search"><a href="#">blog</a></li> <li class="photos"><a […]
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