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Quick summary of AngularJS utility functions

Here is a quick and short summary of mostly used AngularJS utility functions. These short summary will be quick help you to find out desired function. angular.bootstrap - To manually start up angular application. angular.copy - Creates a deep copy of source, which should be an object or an array.. angular.extend - Copy methods and […]
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Karl Swedberg, who is the founder of LearningjQuery has reluctantly sold the website and so now the site will be getting fresh new content and will likely be updated several times per week. Stay tuned for the continuation of useful jQuery tutorials and lessons on an on-going basis.  We hope to expand the content to […]
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We Have Just Revamped Our Website!

Welcome to our new revamped website. We were working very hard from last couple of weeks to get this major redesign implemented. And here we are today with new fast, attractive, responsive and easy to navigate design. The old design was okay but it was little behind the time. It just didn't have features and […]
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Define multiple Angular apps in one page

Recently in my previous post, I have posted about Different ways of bootstrapping AngularJS app, where you can either auto-bootstrap using ng-app attribute or manually bootstrap using angular.bootstrap function. And also mentioned in angular interview questions that "Only one AngularJS application can be auto-bootstrapped per HTML document." Which means that your page can only have […]
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Use for better JavaScript debugging

For debugging JavaScript/jQuery code, the easiest and preferred way is to use console.log() to output a message in web console. But it works fine when you have small amount of logging message. But having large number of logging makes log messy and unreadable. can be used to group related log messages and use console.groupEnd()to […]
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