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jQuery Touch Swipe Image Gallery Plugins

Nowadays everyone asks for responsive web applications that can smoothly run on smart devices like smart phones, tablets, etc. Responsive websites not only increase business for website owners but also grab decent exposure through mobile users. For this roundup we have gathered some of the best jQuery touch swipe image gallery plugins that will help […]
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JavaScript Text Effect Libraries

Looking for some JavaScript Text Effect Libraries for your arsenal and fed up experimenting with CSS for hours? Well you came to right place! We have listed some of the best JavaScript Text Effects Libraries that will allow you to style, animate, and edit your text without even messing with bunch of CSS code. So, […]
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Problem: javascript setTimeout executes function immediately

JavaScript has setTimeout() method which calls a function or evaluates an expression after a specified number of milliseconds. See below code, setTimeout(function(){alert("Hello")}, 3000); Above code will display an alert after 3 seconds. Let's take another example, setTimeout(Func1(), 2000); You must be thinking that "Func1()" will be executed after 2 seconds. No, You are wrong. The […]
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5 Voice Control JavaScript Libraries for Developers

In this article we have collected 5 awesome voice control and speech recognition libraries that will help you to easily add voice commands into your websites. So what are you waiting for lets check out these voice control libraries, and start adding voice commands to your websites. Enjoy !! 1. annyang.js annyang is a tiny […]
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How to remove all inline styles using jQuery?

Inline styles are not recommended and it also create problem while managing the site. Here is a one liner jQuery solution to remove all inline styles from the page. $("* [style]").removeAttr("style"); Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.
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