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Latest jQuery Plugins released in June 2014

Today we bring a list of latest jQuery plugins released in June 2014. These plugins are fresh, interesting, simple and lightweight. You may find them useful for your next project!!! jQuery Eraser jQuery Eraser is a jQuery plugin that makes an image erasable (with mouse or touch movements) This plugin replaces the targeted image by […]
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How to validate all countries phone numbers using jQuery

Earlier I had posted about "Validate phone numbers using jQuery" but that code just validates for valid input, it doesn't check for format of phone number. But recently a jQuery plugin named "International Telephone Input"is released which validates all the international phone numbers along with country code. International Telephone Input jQuery plugin for entering international […]
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Detect IE11 using JavaScript/jQuery

In this post, find JavaScript/jQuery code to detect IE 11. Your old code detect IE browser either using navigator.userAgent or $.browser.msie will not work for IE 11 as the User Agent string for IE 11 is changed. Previously I had posted about Detect Browsers using jQuery, but with the release of jQuery 1.9 $.browser feature […]
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6+ Lightweight jQuery Slider Plugins

Collection of 6+ Lightweight jQuery Slider Plugins. jQuery slider plugins are indeed useful but they also add extra overhead on bandwidth (Common jQuery Mistakes) as reference to their library is required. That's why one has to be careful while choosing the plugin. There are tons of jQuery slider plugins available on web to choose from. […]
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Top 10+ Newest jQuery Popup window plugins

Popup Windows are great way to show news, alert, errors, notice, information, modal windows, dialog or take inputs. Earlier I had posted about Top 10+ jQuery Popup window plugins and that list was just awesome. But after that many new popup window plugins are released and its been while since this list was updated. So […]
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