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Use protocol less URL for referencing jQuery

Learnt something new today and thought of sharing. Most of us, include the reference of jQuery library (if Google CDN is used) like this, As you can see it is using HTTP protocol. The advantage of Google CDN files are cached up to one year which means that your users may not need to […]
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Ignored powerful shortcuts of jQuery

Many developers ignore shortcuts and power of jQuery and I myself being a victim of some of the useful, handy but yet ignored shortcuts of jQuery. These are not some advance or complex shortcuts but I guess these are used a lot. Consider, below jQuery code lines. $("#elm").css("display", "none"); //Line 1 $("#elm").css("display", ""); //Line 2 […]
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Remove Weekends From jQuery UI Datepicker

In this post, find jQuery code to remove weekends rather than disabling them from jQuery UI Datepicker. This is quite useful when you don't want to allow users to select weekends. To disable weekends, all you need to do is to override ".ui-datepicker-week-end" css class and set display to none. .ui-datepicker-week-end { display:none } Live […]
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jQuery to redirect page after specific time interval

You must have come across any website which uses a webpage with some annoying advertisement and a message that says "You will be redirected to actual page after X seconds". This can be easily implemented with jQuery. In this post, find jQuery code to redirect user to another webpage after specific time interval or few […]
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Create Collage using jQuery

In this post, find out how to create a collage using a jQuery plugin called "CollagePlus". This plugin for jQuery will arrange your images to fit exactly within a container. You can define the padding between images, give the images css borders and define a target row height. Live Demo How to use it? // […]
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Best jQuery Rating Plugins

Find collection of 8 Free & Best jQuery Rating Plugins. These plugins are easy to use and can be implemented in your website for any kind of Poll, Vote or to include ratings. Enjoy!!!! Related Post: 10 Free jQuery Plugin for Shopping Cart and E-Commerce website 6 Best jQuery Vertical & Horizontal News Ticker Plugins […]
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