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jQuery code to hide table rows with empty td element

Find jQuery code to hide those table rows (<tr>) which have at least one or more <td> element as empty or with no value. To hide table rows, iterate through all the td element and check it's text. If it is empty then hide it's parent (which is tr) using .hide(). Related Post: jQuery code […]
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jQuery code to highlight empty table element

Find jQuery code to highlight those <td> elements within a table/ Grid/ GridView/ DataGrid which have no value associated with it or which are empty. All is required is to loop through all the <td> element and check it's value. If it is empty, then assign background color to it so that it looks highlighted. […]
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5+ Interesting, Unique and Cool jQuery Plugin and Tutorials

In today's post find list of some interesting, unique and really cool jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. These plugins are really exciting which do simple things but in different way. jQuery Parallax Animate Curtains Opening jQuery.spritely Sliding Image Puzzle Spacegallery jQuery Heat Map Airport Like Text Effect Feel free to contact me for any help related […]
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Add flame like effect to text using jQuery Burn

How about adding flame or burning like effect to text on your page? Well, you may like it or may not like it. For those who like it, find out how to add flame like effect to text using jQuery Burn plugin. For those who don't like it, at least have a go and who […]
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Sort Dropdown list items using jQuery

In this post, find out jQuery code to sort dropdown list items. The items can be sorted by item's text or by item's value in ascending or descending order. Related Post: Common Dropdown operation using jQuery How to Reset DropDown using jQuery How to Disable DropDown List Item using jQuery To sort the items, use […]
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How to Change ID of DOM element using jQuery

In this short and quick post, find out how to change or reset ID of any HTML DOM element using jQuery. To Change/Reset element ID, just need to change the value of "id" attribute. Below jQuery code changes ID of "dvDemo" element to "dvDemoNew". $('#dvDemo').attr('id', 'dvDemoNew'); See result below See Complete Code Feel free to […]
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