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How to check textbox is readonly using jQuery

Previously I had posted about "How to make textbox readonly using jQuery". One of way is to make textbox readonly is to set "readonly" attribute to true. So use the same attribute "readonly" to find out whether textbox is readonly or not using jQuery. $(document).ready(function(){ $("#txtReadonly").attr('readonly', true); var isReadonly = $("#txtReadonly").attr('readonly'); alert('txtReadonly is not readonly […]
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Why to use Google hosted jQuery CDN

Google is sea of free services. Do you know that Google is also hosting jQuery libraries on its CDN(Content delivery network) and allows any website to use it for free. But why to use Google hosted jQuery CDN? Advantage: Caching: The most important benefit is caching. If any previously visited site by user is using […]
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jQuery validation using class “.required” problem – Question from blog reader

Read How to Validate email address using jQuery Well, 5 days back I received an mail from one of my reader, in which he had written that "I need to validation html page using Jquery by looping through Class attributes ["Class=Required"] if the label attribute contain "required" class then i should validate the alert the […]
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