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Highlight row on mouseover in GridView using jQuery

In my previous post, I have posted about "Formatting ASP.NET GridView using jQuery". In this post, I will show you that how to highlight a gridview row on mouseover. See below image. (the image is not showing the mouse cursor, but the cursor is on 3rd row.) All we need to do is that on […]
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How to put link on image using jQuery

To put link of the image, we normally use <a> tag that contains image tag to show the image. But assume there are 100 images and you need same link for every single image. Putting 100 <a> tag with each image is time consuming and cumbersome. It would be nice if single <a> tag can […]
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Formatting ASP.NET GridView using jQuery

In this post, we will see how easily we can assign alternate background color of ASP.NET Grid Views rows using jQuery. In this example, we will assign grey color to all the odd rows of GridViews. When I say Odd, that means Rows which are having odd numbers like Row1, Row3, Row5 etc. Related Post: […]
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How to Replace Text On Page using jQuery

Today, for one of my requirement, I have to replace all the (.)dots in my page with "---". The basic idea find all the (.) in HTML and replace them with "---". This can be done very easily with jQuery. First you replace the (.) with "---" and assign it to any variable then you […]
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How to Disable Spacebar in text box using jQuery

For one of my requirement, I need to restrict/disable end-user to enter space in the input field or textbox. This was piece of cake with jQuery. All I need to do is to check the keycode of spacebar and restrict its default action on keydown event. See below jQuery code. "txtNoSpaces" is the name of […]
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