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Validate Date of Birth is not greater than current date using jQuery

This is a common situation where Date of birth needs to validated against the current or today's date. I have to implement the same functionality for my project. I have used jQuery UI datepicker control to select date and textbox was read only, it was pretty easy to implement. Read my series of articles about […]
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jQuery code to allow numbers, alphabets or specific characters

There is a general requirement in many projects where for certain fields or input only numeric, alphabets, specific character or set of characters must be allowed. For example, When you are requesting input for Phone number or Zip code from the end-user, then you don't want to allow user to enter any alphabets. There are […]
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Disable Cut, Copy and Paste function for textbox using jQuery

Today my client asked me to disable cut, copy and paste functionality for the Textbox, which means User should not be allowed cut or copy text from the Textbox and also to paste text within Textbox. Well, it is very easy to do this using jQuery. All you need is to bind cut, copy and […]
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