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How to set HTML of any control using jQuery

In my previous post "How to get HTML of any control using jQuery", I had explained that how can we get the HTML of any control. In this post, I will show you how can you set HTML for any control. Well, we will use the same function html() using which we get the HTML. […]
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How to get HTML of any control using jQuery

In this post, we will see that how we can get the HTML part or I should say innerHTML of any control. Well, jQuery provides a function "html()" which will give the html of the control. For example, I have placed a div control on the page which has h1 and h2 tag. <div id="dvExample"> […]
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Disable specific days in jQuery Datepicker

I had already posted about, 1. Disable Weekends in jQuery DatePicker 2. Enable only weekends in jQuery Datepicker Now, one of my colleague asked me that I want to disable only Monday and Wednesday. How can I? Here is how you can achieve it. In this case, I have disable Monday(1) and Wednesday(3) but as […]
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jQuery does not work properly after ajax partial postback

Don't get shocked by the title of the post. This is true. Recently I have faced this issue. Let us walkthrough of what we are talking about. We all are familiar with below code. A script manager, update panel and content template. As you see I have placed 2 buttons. One gets binded on document.ready() […]
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Find nth:child element in its parent using jQuery

jQuery API provides a selector ":nth-child" which allows to select particular child element from its parent. For example, if you want to select 2nd li element from the ul tag. See below code. <ul> <li>jQuery</li> <li>By</li> <li>Example</li> </ul> This code will find the 1st li element and makes it forecolor to "Red". For 2nd li […]
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Great Ways to Learn jQuery

These jQuery resources will set you on the path towards mastering jQuery. Written Articles Getting Started with jQuery - this is the official jQuery getting started guide. jQuery for JavaScript Programmers - Simon Willison (creator of django) gives you an introduction to jQuery for people who already understand JavaScript. jQuery Crash Course - Nathan Smith […]
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