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Implement jQuery UI DatePicker with ASP.NET

jQuery UI has collection of couple of cool control like DatePicker, Tabs, Dialog, Button etc. See list of all the control provides by jQuery UI. In this post, we will be looking at datepicker() control. First of all, to start with jQuery UI, you need to download latest jQuery UI from here. To start first,we […]
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jQuery bind method Example/Demo

jQuery provides a method called bind() which binds any event types to any element. Let's say you want to bind a click event to a tag. <a>Link 1</a> Below jQuery code binds the click event to all the anchor tag of the page. $(document).ready(function() { $("a").bind('click', function() { alert('I am clicked'); }); }); So the […]
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Autocomplete Migration Guide

The jQuery Autocomplete plugin got a successor recently, the jQuery UI Autocomplete. In this guide we'll look at the old plugin API step-by-step, and how to migrate to the new API. At first it may look like the new plugin supports barely any of the old options. We'll see how all the old options can […]
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Disable/Enable an element using jQuery

You must have come across a situation where you have to make any element disable or enable.There are couple of ways using them you can enable/disable any element using jquery. jQuery really makes your task very easy. In below given example, I have disabled a textbox with id "txtName". Approach 1 $("#txtName").attr("disabled", true);Approach 2 $("#txtName").attr("disabled", […]
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Hide all elements of HTML form using jQuery

If you want to hide all the elements of the form then below jQuery code will help you to achieve this. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#form1").hide() }); </script> "form1" is the Id of the HTML form. Hide() function can be used with any control. If you don't want to hide all the elements of the form […]
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Find control with CSS class

jQuery provides a very cool mechanism to find the control of the page with the class name. Let's say you want to find out all the a tags which are having "sample" as Css class. jQuery has really made life simple for programmers. Below given code does exactly the same thing. It also adds the […]
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